Shelley Jones

Edmonton Jazz & Pop Singer

soulful, powerful & intense

"Dedicating her life to music, Shelley has developed a sound and style that is soulful, passionate and intense"

Blessed with a voice that can seamlessly fit into almost any musical genre, Shelley Jones brings a sense of authenticity and soul to every song she sings.  Be it jazz, blues, pop, R&B, soul, groove, rock or country, Shelley has sang it all and made each style her own.

Growing up listening and later performing rock, pop and blues music, Shelley discovered jazz when she entered the vocal music program at Grant MacEwan.  Heavily influenced by the jazz singers and instrumentalists she discovered on recordings and live performances, Shelley began jamming with fellow music students and soon realized she had a natural feel for singing jazz.   After graduating from the vocal program, she began performing jazz professionally, working in duos, trios, quartets and big bands as well as a few symphony orchestras.    Besides working as a jazz singer, Shelley also sang in numerous pop, rock, R&B and soul bands.  Because of her versatility as a vocalist and ability to fit into any musical situation, Shelley became a “first call” singer for musicians around the province. 

As well as being a performer, Shelley also developed her songwriting skills and has written, recorded, and released 4 solo albums. Her vocals have also appeared on numerous recordings from other artists and on several radio/television jingles.

As a highly experienced stage performer with a unique, inventive delivery, Shelley’s vocals infuse all her performances with excitement, taste and style.  With a busy performance schedule and plans to record and release a new album in 2019, Shelley continues to expand her fan base across the country.


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